February 15, 2015
The World's Largest Anti-Bullying Rally! Join us on May 1, 2014
The Million T-Shirt March Against Bullying
The time for change is now! Let's put an end to bullying!

The Million T-Shirt March is more than just a powerful statement against the growing issue of bullying within our schools, homes and communities. This is the largest and most ambitious anti-bullying rally ever attempted, and you don't need to leave your school to participate.

Unfortunately school budgets are often stretched to the limit. Without their community's support, our educators simply don't have the financial resources to fight back against a problem that impacts their students’ health and ability to learn.

The Million T-Shirt March has been designed to allow your school to raise funds for your own anti-bullying program, whether you use the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program or not. In raising awareness about bullying, your groups also raise funds for much needed programs through the sales of t-shirts – which are worn by everyone taking part in the rally on May 1st . All monies retained over $7.00 goes directly to your school or organization for the development of your anti-bullying program.