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What is the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP)?

The Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP) is a school-wide, comprehensive framework focused on systemic change to create a safe and positive school climate. The goals of the OBPP are to:

  1. reduce existing bullying problems among students
  2. prevent new bullying problems
  3. achieve better peer relations.

These goals are pursued by restructuring the school environment to reduce opportunities and rewards for bullying, encouraging pro-social behaviors, and building a sense of community. The OBPP is designed for students in elementary, middle, and high schools and involves all staff, students, parents, and the community in bullying prevention efforts. All students participate in most aspects of the program, while students who bully others and students who are bullied receive additional individualized interventions.

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Program Components

OBPP is used at the school, classroom, individual, and community levels and includes tools to reach out to parents for involvement and support. The OBPP addresses the problem of bullying at multiple levels.

  1. Establish a Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee (BPCC)
  2. Conduct committee and staff trainings
  3. Administer the Olweus Bullying Questionnaire (OBQ)
  4. Hold staff discussion groups
  5. Introduce the school rules against bullying
  6. Refine the school’s supervisory system
  7. Hold a school kick-off event
  8. Involve parents


  1. Post and enforce school-wide rules against bullying
  2.   Hold regular class meetings
  3.   Hold meetings with students’ parents


  1. Supervise students’ activities
  2. Ensure that all staff intervene on-the-spot when bullying occurs
  3. Hold meetings with students involved in bullying
  4. Hold meetings with parents of involved students
  5. Develop individual intervention plans for involved students


  1. Involve community members on the  BPCC
  2. Develop partnerships to support your program
  3. Help spread anti-bullying messages and best practice throughout the community

"Blueprints Certified:  Meeting the highest standards of evidence through independent review by the nation's top scientists."

The OBPP is backed by over 30 years of research and is listed on Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development Registry of Evidence-based Positive Youth Development Programs http://www.blueprintsprograms.com/factsheet/olweus-bullying-prevention-program

Why the OBPP Works (pdf)

Cost Benefits of Implementing the OBPP

Evidence-based bullying prevention programs are a wise investment. A cost benefit analysis of the OBPP implementation found that a district can recover more than the cost of OBPP implementation if they prevent just two students from transferring to an alternative setting due to school bullying.  

(HMK Bullying final report cost benefit)

The start-up costs for the OBPP are one-time expenses that occur only in year one of implementation. Ongoing implementation results in lower costs in subsequent years where it is important to budget for ongoing training and other activities that will keep your staff’s commitment to the program running high.


Funding Toolkit (download)
Funding Backpack (download)

Getting Started

Readiness Assessment (download)

Successful implementation of the program begins with training and consultation.

  • a certified OBPP Trainer-Consultant conducts training for members of the school's Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee  
  • Ongoing telephone consultation for at least one full school year (18-24 months preferred) with a Certified OBPP Trainer-Consultant.

There are two options when considering OBPP training for your school and/or district. 

  • Find a Certified Trainer-Consultant by clicking here.
  • If you are considering training more than three school buildings, you may find it more cost effective to have someone from your school or district become a Certified OBPP Trainer-Consultant. Click here to learn more about the certification process and to apply to attend a Trainer Certification Course. 

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is the leading publisher of evidence-based prevention programs and the exclusive publisher of the OBPP. Visit Violence Prevention Works! for information about program materials.


AIM Buddy Project

AIM Buddy Project and Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Crosswalk Alignment (pdf)

AIM Buddy Project and Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Summary Chart (pdf)

AIM Buddy Project Summary of Research Findings (June 2017) (pdf)


OBPP Spookley Crosswalk Pacer (pdf)

T.E.A.M. Rudolf

OBPP Team Rudolph Crosswalk Alignment (pdf)


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