September 6, 2018
2018's States with the Biggest Bullying Problems

Adam McCann, Financial Writer/WalletHub/ -- asks the experts about the best and worst states at controlling bullying.

He writes, in the next 7 minutes, a child in the U.S. will be bullied. It may be the son or daughter of someone you know. It may even be your own child. Meanwhile, only four in 100 adults will intervene. And only 11 percent of the child’s peers might do the same. The rest — 85 percent — will do nothing.

June 26, 2018
Bullying Prevention Works - New research reveals positive impact of program to reduce bullying and create safer schools

CLEMSON, S.C. /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The largest study of bullying prevention efforts in U.S. schools has revealed significant, sustained positive impacts from the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP).

Researchers at Clemson University and the University of Bergen in Norway evaluated nearly 70,000 students across 210 elementary, middle and high schools in Pennsylvania over two years. A companion analysis assessed year-to-year changes in a subset of 95 schools over three years. The research documented clear reductions in student reports of being bullied and bullying others. Overall, the results were stronger the longer the program was in place.