Training for Schools

Training and technical assistance are offered for schools interested in implementing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP).

Training and consulation services include:

  • A 2-day training for a school's Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee (BPCC).
  • Consultation for a minimum of one full school year (18-24 month period) with an OBPP Certified Trainer-Consultant.

What are the training objectives?

Through interactive learning, members of the Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee will:
  • Increase knowledge about the nature, prevalence and impact of bullying among children and youth (including impact on academic achievement, mental and physical health).
  • Learn the core elements of the OBPP and strategies for bullying prevention and intervention.
  • Develop skills to build awareness among students and staff of various roles played in bullying situations and to encourage positive behaviors as witnesses.
  • Develop skills to intervene effectively in incidents of bullying with both students and parents of those involved.
  • Develop a plan and timeline for implementation of the OBPP with fidelity.

How can my school receive training?

School personnel may either locate an existing OBPP Certified Trainer-Consultant or if your district has more that three school buildings, you may find it more cost effective to or have personnel attend an Olweus Trainer Certification Course.

Why is training and consultation important?

Training is important to ensure the BPCC has the necessary information, support and strategies to successfully launch and sustain the OBPP with fidelity. The purpose of the required consultation is to provide assistance in the implementation of program elements, with particular attention to trouble-shooting challenges that may arise.

Who should attend the training?

All members of a school's Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee should attend the entire 2-day training.

Who should be a part of the Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee?

The committee typically includes:
  • School administrator (principal or assistant principal)
  • Teacher representatives from each grade
  • Counselor and/or school-based mental health professional
  • Parents (non-staff members)
  • Non-teaching staff (e.g., nurse, bus driver, athletics director or coach, cafeteria worker, playground supervisor, school resource officer)
  • Community representative

Where do trainings take place?

Trainings typically take place at the school, at district administrative offices, or at a convenient location in the community.

Can mulitple schools be trained at the same time?

No more than two school committees may be trained at one time. If two trainers are present, they may train up to three committees at one time.

What does the consultation involve?

A Certified Trainer-Consultant will provide at least 12 months of consultation to an on-site coordinator at each school following the BPCC training to assist with program implementation. Typically, this consultation is conducted by telephone and occurs each month for approximately one hour.

How much does Training and Consultation cost?

Costs of training and consultation vary by trainer, and the number of sites being trained. Please contact a certified Trainer-Consultant for specific pricing. Many trainer-consultants charge less than the maximum rates.

Fee Guidelines:

  • No more than $3,000 for a 2-day training involving 1 or 2 schools’ Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committees (even when more than one trainer is present).
  • If two trainers are present (required when 3 schools' BPCCs are being trained), fees may increase accordingly, up to a maximum of $4,500 for the 2-day training.
  • A maximum of $125/hour for 12 to 24 months for telephone consultation for each school site.
  • No more than an additional $250 per half-day of travel time for the trainer to travel to and from the training site. 
  • Travel costs for the trainer.

Can we opt out of the consultation and just participate in the training?

No. Training is not offered without a commitment to engage in ongoing consultation with a Certified Trainer-Consultant to support implementation of the program components. We have found the consultation to be critically important to the success and sustainability of the program.

If you have difficulty in finding a trainer or are interested in hosting a Trainer Certification Course in your area, please contact June Jenkins at



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